Tips to Use Yahoo Mail Latest Features with Ease

Who does not know about yahoo mail? It’s one of the best emailing platforms that helps in better communication. It’s been utilized for both personal and professional purposes. Well, there are many ways available to use Yahoo mail, but we offer you some of the easy tips. You can take following important steps mentioned below and for more help and support you can contact yahoo customer service by phone.

• Use The Boss Mode – Open the browser screen first, in the Yahoo email lower left side there is a small icon available. There you can choose the boss mode. It helps you hide the information immediately. This is one of the easiest ways to change the Yahoo mail theme without following any steps.

• Stop Saving Contacts – you do not require now to use address book with Yahoo mail. As soon as you will type the name it will suggest you auto option, with the email address, password, all save address, book marks. The benefit is that, you will not lose any important information that you have saved earlier.

• Now Use Magazine Style On Tablet – At the end of the email, you will find the double arrow icon, which specifies full screen mode. In the yahoo mail app, it helps you in reading through magazine style format. So you can choose easily left or right just like turning pages of notebook.

• SMS Via Yahoo – Yahoo messenger is the inbuilt app which comes along with Yahoo mail. You can instantly send any mail you require, via Yahoo messenger.

• Secures Email With 2FA – This feature is totally amazing and very helpful for all yahoo users. Basically, it is a 2 factor authentication for protection. It requires users to enter two passwords. It can completely stop users from getting their mail account hacked, compromised, etc.
These are the most important and easy to use Yahoo mail features. If you have any issue in following the same, you can get in touch with us anytime you want. We as a trustworthy third party technical support provider are available to offer you best and most ultimate services in minimum time period.

Our support and effective services are available anytime you want. Our engineers are available to assist you around the clock. We assure 100% satisfactory results to all our users. Using these advanced and most outstanding easy tips helps users in many ways. So approach us, to save your time and money via our toll free technical support number.

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