Add An Image To Gmail Signature with Few Simple Steps

Gmail is full of advantages and benefits; there are so many amazing features available in Gmail that make work really very easy and comfortable. Besides, each Gmail user know how to ad a regular Gmail signature, as in the regular and simple Gmail signature only custom things are being included, like name, formatted text and phone number. But with the photo signature, one can spice up entire Gmail account access and make it more interesting. So if you are thinking How to add an image to Gmail signature, you can follow significant steps provided by our experts.


Besides, those who use Gmail, for business it is a great opportunity for them to throw custom logo in their signature and add a picture. Adding an image in your Gmail signature is a great idea, but one requires being technically sound or else they can approach experts for help.

Significant steps to add an image to your Gmail signature:

  • Go to Gmail; now navigate the general settings page of your Gmail account
  • Through settings button add settings option
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • Search for signature area
  • Now you need to check radio button next to the custom signature area
  • If the other is selected apply to your message or else you can do this:
  • Position the mouse cursor near the image you want to choose
  • Now from the menu click on insert image
  • Add an image window
  • After that search or browse your pictures in My Drive tab
  • Or you can also upload web address (URL)
  • Click on select option to insert the image in the signature
  • Now click on select option to insert the image into the signature
  • You can resize it because it is too small or large
  • Now click on the picture
  • Select to insert the image into the signature
  • Resize it if the image is too small or large
  • Click on the picture to access small resize menu
  • Now scroll bottom of the settings
  • Click on save changes
  • Apply the new signature

The above mentioned steps are available to help users in adding an image in their Gmail signature. One can also remove the picture from the signature or edit the text and disable signature anytime they want.

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